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Single: Supercluster / Artist: Nachtaktiv / Release: 30.06.2017, Dub Techno

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Mindsurfer - Power of Life

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Sinsonic Records is delighted to present the long awaited and first album by Mindsurfer "Power of Life". With lots of love and passion for profound music, the album takes you on an exciting journey, from gentle Chillout to massive Psytrance.

Mindsurfer - The 5th Element

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Following "Water, Earth, Fire and Air", Mindsurfer presents "The 5th Element" - the eternal substance that lets light travel through time and space. The single is supported by a groovy and colorful remix of Flowjob and announces the upcoming album.

Human Element - Without Reason Remixes

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Sinsonic Records presents a new edition of their most successful track "Without Reason" by Human Element - a truly progressive masterpiece. With great joy Mindsurfer and E-Funker have each created a remix - these are not without reason strong sounds.

Sinsonic Selection 2.0 by EOS

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DJ Eos completes the successful year with the compilation "Sinsonic Selection 2.0" and presents a collection with 10 of his most favourite Sinsonic Records tracks from the genres Deep House, Tech House and Progressive Psytrance.

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