Sinsonic Selection 5.0

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At the end of the year Dj Feinmechanik presents the compilation "Sinsonic Selection 5.0" with carefully selected Psytrance tracks, which should not be missing beneath your Christmas tree.

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SpectroSenses Insight 513fb8dd

Spectro Senses - Insight

Enter the world of secrets with the track "Insight" by Spectro Senses and join us on a journey to another dimension. Spectro Senses has become a popular name in the world of Psyprog and once again provides a true dancefloor killer.

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"Audiodact & Mindsurfer - Lostallo"

Single / Artist: Audiodact & Mindsurfer / Genre: Melodic Progressive (Psytrance)

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Sinsonic Selection 5.0

Sinsonic Selection 5.0


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