Little Symphony

Flow Box - Little Symphony

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Flow Box presents his first chill out EP - Little Symphony. While the main track is based on some classic idols, Last Night and Magic Eyes have the typical characteristics of major chill out tracks. At last there is the dub track Piperman, which is recorded together with Roger Arni at his clarinet - a perfect track for the energetic dance floor.



Mit Little Symphony legt Flow Box seine ersten Chill Out Tracks vor. Während der Maintrack Little Symphony an klassische Vorbilder erinnert, beinhalten Last Night und Magic Eyes die typischen Charakteristika grosser Chill Out Tracks. Hinzu kommt der Dancefloor tauglicher Dub-Track, Piperman, der zusammen mit Roger Arni an der Klarinette eingespielt wurde.


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