Gampel, Switzerland

Openair Gampel

Nandan Maharaya Bar

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Artist Bookings

15 Dec 2018
Klangperle @ Tinu's & Mäni's Birthday Chlepfete
Sackfabrik, Burgdorf, Switzerland

22 Dec 2018
Dj EOS @ t.b.a
t.b.a., t.b.a., Switzerland

31 Dec 2018
Klangperle @ Let There Be Light - NY Eve
Bananenreiferei, Zürich, Switzerland

19 Jan 2019
Perron 1, Brig, Switzerland

16 Mar 2019
Restaurant Egga, Eischoll, Switzerland


Our artists like to play as often as they can, so if you want to dance to some really good music:


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