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Eos Switzerland

Dj Eos has been a familiar face in the music scene for quite a while now; he started spinning the decks at the age of 16 in the early 90's. This member of Sinsonic Records cannot be pigeonholed easily. When he plays, he's always looking for the dialogue between graceful melodic arches, minimalistic rhythms and the collision with an atmospheric soundscape, instead of just simply playing those tracks that top the DJ-charts. His sets feature a strong harmonic structure, yet despite his professionalism, he tends not to take himself all too serious. During his performances, there is always space for ironic emphasis and experiments – his goal is to play with and to surprise his public, and to create happy faces on the dance floor. He has played many styles already, but his main genres have their focus on techno, deephouse, psytrance and progressive. Eos has played in a wide number of countries, including Switzerland, Austria, Italy, France, Germany and Russia.


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